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Specialization creates expertise.

Nurse Resolutions is honored and excited to work with top nurse professionals across the country by assisting you in identifying permanent positions. Our team is trained and aware of the opportunities available in the industry, and always accessible to match your specific interests and qualifications to the career opportunity that you have always wanted.  We work with clients such as hospitals, insurance carriers, managed care companies, long-term care facilities, medical research organizations, pharmacies, and outpatient clinics, offering you opportunities in a variety of settings.

Our Placement Consultants are trained to identify specific qualities in candidates when conducting a search on behalf of our clients.  We will only present opportunities to you that we feel fit, saving your time as well as ours.
Whether you are relocating, looking for your first job, or just looking for a change, we can help. Our dedicated team offers career consulting, resume assistance and valuable interview tips to ensure your ultimate success.  We are able to free up your time by handling the interview and hiring process for you and provide these services free of charge.

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