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For anyone tracking Republicans’ plans to repeal and replace Obamacare, this probably sounds familiar: it is possible GOP senators come back to Washington to vote on a health care proposal this week.

At least that’s the plan.
Recess looms over Congress’ busy week: Health care, Russia
But there’s a catch: Republicans are returning uncertain on what their leadership is asking for them to vote on and there is no indication that the votes are even close to being there.
What to watch on Monday:
Things are going to be slow on Capitol Hill, at least until Monday evening when GOP leadership meets behind closed doors. That is where we will get the first indication of whether any plans have shifted or changed. We’ll also get the first reaction to the Byrd Rule guidance the Senate Parliamentarian dropped like a grenade into the debate on Friday night (see below for details on this).
But Capitol Hill won’t be the place to watch at first. West Virginia wins that battle Monday, where President Donald Trump will be appearing. By his side? Shelley Moore Capito, a Republican senator who remains a clear holdout on backing GOP plans for health care. This brings the full weight and power of the presidency to the forefront. Capito hasn’t buckled a bit in past weeks, so any shift here would be major. And, frankly, so would a non-shift.

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