Why work with Nurse Resolutions?

Nurse Resolutions focuses on a specific area of the healthcare industry to ensure that our clients receive the benefit of a firm that is truly an expert in its area of specialization. We offer specialization, effectively allowing your Human Resource office to work on retention and building a team environment. Our firm partners with various Hospitals, Insurance Carriers, Managed Care Organizations, Long-Term Care Facilities, Medical Research Organizations, Specialized Pharmacies, Home Health, Hospice, Outpatient Clinics, and various other organizations. Our fees are contingent on the successful identification and placement of a candidate; therefore, there is no cost to your organization unless the candidate presented by our firm is hired. Our specialties include, but are not limited to the following types of positions:

● Case Management
● Utilization Review
● Work From Home Case Management and Utilization Review
● Home Health
● Hospice and Palliative Care
● Infusion/IV
● Medical Bill Review
● Health Coach
● Triage Nurse
● Clinical Liaison
● Infection Control
● Quality Assurance
● Performance Improvement
● Nurse Manager
● Nurse Educators
● Behavioral Health/Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing
● Occupational Health Nurse
● Long Term Care Facilities
● Skilled Nursing Facilities
● Wound Care
● Informatics/IT
● Director of Nursing
● Clinical Nurse Specialist
● Nurse Practitioners
● Clinical Nurses In The Hospital Setting
● Correctional Facility
● Medicare-Set-Aside
● Compliance
● Life Care Planning

Our Account Executives are trained to identify a list of values and qualifications pertinent to identifying the perfect match for our clients’ nursing needs.  This allows us to convey your organization thoroughly and accurately to potential candidates. Our Placement Consultants are trained to identify specific qualities in candidates when conducting a search on behalf of our clients.  These qualities include; cultural fit, skill set, and salary range. Our team utilizes several databases, marketing strategies, and a variety of recruiting and networking practices to source as many quality nurse candidates for your positions of need as possible. These proven methods and practices allow us to identify the best candidates quickly and efficiently.

Our firm has built our reputation with prompt service and a commitment to providing timely feedback. We take pride in sufficiently preparing job seekers for the interview process. Nurse Resolutions is not just a short-term fix; we provide nursing solutions built for longevity.

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